More Capabilites.
More Capacity.
More Flexibility.
Much More Value.


What if you could adapt your studio perfectly to the requirements of any project? Experience Studio-As-A-Service with StudioBuilder.


Upgrade your studio's facility in near-realtime.

Fast, Secure, Multi-Cloud deployment of Industry Standard Tools and Technology for Broadcasters, Animation Studios, Colorists, Editors, Game Studios, Sound Designers, and Content Studios of all Shapes and Sizes.

Flexible reservations are available for short-term projects.  Longer reservations are perfect for growing teams, mid-season expansion, or for those that want to focus on production instead of managing infrastructure.


Why Studio-As-A-Service?

Industry Standard Tools

Our offerings are certified for (but are not limited to): Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Flame, Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema4d, Redshift, DaVinci Resolve, Unreal Engine, VizRT Vectar, and vMix.

Secure Cloud Workstations

Realtime Hardware Expansion and Contraction of Artist and Operator seats is now possible with secure cloud hosted workstations. Log in securely from anywhere and get the full design and rendering horsepower from GPU instances in AWS or Azure.

Flexible Bookings

Lease a single workstation and software package for as brief as 1 week. Or contact us about a long-term lease for growing teams or to maximize your POI (Productivity on Investment).

Peace of Mind

System design and upkeep within the Media & Entertainment sector is non-trivial for production companies and facilities. That is why we are with you every step of the way and stay attuned to your production's needs as we collaborate through the design process. And when you Go Live, technical support is handled by dedicated team members throughout the duration of your lease.


… And One More Thing. If you are in need of a completely staffed studio, our in-house facilities, operators, and artists are available for hire. Additionally, this is where all our cloud technologies get battle-tested before we release them to be integrated with our clients' studios.

Recently Produced with RediStream, StudioBuilder's In-House Facility

Your workflow on the tools you already use

  • For Broadcasters

  • For Animation / VFX Studios

  • For Game Studios

  • For CAD / Design


Build your next Master Control Room in the Cloud and throw it away next week.

Master Control and Production Control facilities are all uber-custom installations. A traditional install, whether baseband or IP, can take months to complete and commission.

What if you could order any size control room and have it delivered in less than 48 hours? What if you could have another fully redundant room? What if you could have a control room on every continent and deployed within a week?

Control Rooms are our specialty and we regularly service Fortune 100 brands and networks from our in-house production facility, RediStream.

What are you waiting for? You could have deployed a MCR by now.


Elastic Animation Depts. and VFX Teams

StudioBuilder provides virtual workstations, cloud rendering, and shared storage to content creators so they can quickly scale resources either temporarily or for any duration lease.

Along with the hardware and storage infrastructure, software licenses are available for any duration project.  Available software packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Cinema4d
  • Nuke
  • Fusion
  • Houdini
  • Blender

For other software packages, please check the PRODUCTS page.



Elastic Game Studios Too

We are endlessly passionate about our collaborations with our creative clients that employ Game Engines for a VAST array of diverse projects. Every month our clients devise new uses for Game Engines. One our personal favs is to incorporate GE's in to our Broadcast Control Rooms.

Just like our other configs, StudioBuilder provides virtual workstations and shared storage for game creators. But in addition we have digital video tie-lines to many other products in out catalog.  

Game Engines benefit from one of the fast release cycles of any industry. The sheer depth and breadth of features have helped accelerate the adoption of  these powerful packages widely across the other.

Available software packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity Game Engine
  • Touch Designer (Technically not a Game Engine, but has the versatility and massive feature set of one)

It's Really All-About-Design. Isn't it?

We are committed to our Design Pros. Flexibility, collaboration, data security, and value never go out of style. But these aren't topics that need to be top of mind for our designers. StudioBuilder paves the way with seamless and integrated tech environment so our designers can concentrate on design.

Some of the packages we offer:

  • Adobe Cloud
  • AutoCAD
  • Vectorworks
  • SketchUp

What our customers say

“As a busy Tech Producer within the Broadcast, Film, Streaming, and IP Engineering sectors of the production industry, I've worked hard at building solid relationships with my trusted vendors very carefully. When I need specialist IP workflows or Cloud-Based Control Rooms, StudioBuilder is at the top of my list. 'They get it.' "

"StudioBuilder allowed my company to continue 'business as usual' during the uncertain first 16 months of the Co-Vid pandemic... While I was interviewing other 'turnkey' virtual solution providers, I kept sensing that I would be handing over too much control to a totally new team. StudioBuilder was different. They encouraged using our own technicians and team members and always found the right way to merge their team and our team. It all felt very natural... With “live” meetings making a return, my clients’ ever evolving need for hybrid solutions, keeps StudioBuilder as my first call. I'm always confident that I have an elegant solution at my fingertips."

"LedWallSystems and StudioBuilder have a long history of building cool stuff together. The Solutions Engineers invariably have the correct creative and robust solution to augment our own technology for the success of our clients' projects."

“I hire StudioBuilder when I'm producing shows that require both traditional Broadcast workflows and Cloud-Based Platforms. If you need a team that can integrate even the most diverse technology, give them a try."


Answers to some common questions

What is StudioBuilder?

StudioBuilder is a provider of best-in-class production tools and software hosted in, typically, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. We provide a fully managed, secure, remote infrastructure. We perform the Dev-Ops, IT-Ops, and Maintenance so our clients can better anticipate costs and focus more on their core competencies. 

What is RediStream?

RediStream is the in-house production studio at StudioBuilder. This is a popular option for production companies that need a complete turnkey experience and do not have the creative staff or running crew available for a production. 

What about software licenses?

Every vendor's software has a different license agreement and duration for their given product. 

In summary, you are required to BYOL (bring your own licenses). We can assist in the license transfer procedure and in certain cases help you to procure additional licenses as required.

For power users, how powerful are the StudioBuilder workstations?

The major cloud providers have an enormous variety of configurations available. We generally offer a few of our favorite configurations for a given application and are always able to customize to your exact build.

How powerful are they? We know that 3D design, compositing, and look-dev require power. We can configure workstations with up to 96 CPUs and 8 GPUs!

Leasing high-end workstations is almost always the better value as compared to an on-prem purchase that will generally take up to several years to fully recapture its initial investment. 

High-end systems are a better value when leased in a cloud than purchased for on-prem due to price-to-performance slippage over the life of the purchased product.