If you need a fully staffed, complete studio production...
"RediStream is Ready" 

RediStream has the tools. We understand scale – Big and small shows or events are all welcome. Incorporate elements and presenters from around the globe. Let's (Inter)connect.


Cloud connected control rooms adapt to your production

RediStream Studios is trusted by some of the top brands and their production partners. On-set, Hybrid, or Remote, we continue to push contemporary production forward everyday. Let's start a conversation to see how we can collaborate on your next show.

Recently Produced with RediStream, StudioBuilder's In-House Facility

RediStream Studios: It's like a TV Truck, but without the Truck

  • Remote Studio Operations

  • Staffed

  • Always Redi

  • Global

  • Turnkey/Hands-Free

  • Transmission

  • Distribution

Control Rooms

Modular Control Rooms interface seamlessly with your remote sites and on-screen talent. Our workflows enable multi-site productions to collaborate effectively while smaller scale, single-site or single presenter productions experience the same level of service as our larger clients do.

Welcome to Beast Mode

The RediStream crews are comprised of lifelong production professionals. Highly versatile and responsive team members keep your show or production on-time, every time. You are always welcome to incorporate your own teammates but we will happily supply:

  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Technical Directors
  • Video Engineers
  • Audio Engineers
  • Graphics Designers / Operators
  • Content Creators

Redi When You Are

24 x 365
They say, "Production Never Sleeps".
We sweat the small stuff so Our Clients, Content Creators, and Viewers can rest easy.
Get in touch today to schedule your demo.

Globally Connected

Our engineering solutions are truly cloud-first. AWS, Azure, Private Cloud, and other specialized datacenters, interconnect our productions globally. High speed virtual private networks keep all media encrypted and arriving in time so your production Feels Live when it goes Live

Realtime Engineering

No two productions are exactly alike. Otherwise, why would we tune in? Our  Teammates, Tools and Technology are deployed specifically to meet your needs and budget. We have a solution to bring your vision to your audience.

Multi-In / Multi-Out

Transmission no longer means One-Way communication. Multi-Source, Multi-Destination is the new norm. Whether a forward channel or a back channel, For Air, For Archive, Internal Use, etc...
RediStream is Ready.

All The Screens!

Do you need to simulcast on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Twitch, Periscope and Multiple Enterprise CDNs with enhanced, granular permissions? Do you need to transmit down Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect and Much More? RediStream is Ready.


What our customers say

“As a busy Tech Producer within the Broadcast, Film, Streaming, and IP Engineering sectors of the production industry, I've worked hard at building solid relationships with my trusted vendors very carefully. When I need specialist IP workflows or Cloud-Based Control Rooms, StudioBuilder is at the top of my list. 'They get it.' "

"StudioBuilder allowed my company to continue 'business as usual' during the uncertain first 16 months of the Co-Vid pandemic... While I was interviewing other 'turnkey' virtual solution providers, I kept sensing that I would be handing over too much control to a totally new team. StudioBuilder was different. They encouraged using our own technicians and team members and always found the right way to merge their team and our team. It all felt very natural... With “live” meetings making a return, my clients’ ever evolving need for hybrid solutions, keeps StudioBuilder as my first call. I'm always confident that I have an elegant solution at my fingertips."

"LedWallSystems and StudioBuilder have a long history of building cool stuff together. The Solutions Engineers invariably have the correct creative and robust solution to augment our own technology for the success of our clients' projects."

“I hire StudioBuilder when I'm producing shows that require both traditional Broadcast workflows and Cloud-Based Platforms. If you need a team that can integrate even the most diverse technology, give them a try."


Answers to some common questions

What is StudioBuilder?

StudioBuilder is a provider of best-in-class production tools and software hosted in, typically, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. We provide a fully managed, secure, remote infrastructure. We perform the Dev-Ops, IT-Ops, and Maintenance so our clients can better anticipate costs and focus more on their core competencies. 

What is RediStream?

RediStream is the in-house production studio at StudioBuilder. This is a popular option for production companies that need a complete turnkey experience and do not have the creative staff or running crew available for a production.